The latest cpb logo, featuring Tazboi

Cpbroadcast was a channel run by Tazboi and Flame. It was founded by The Flame12. It currently has 185 episodes as of January 2nd, 2012. But it's stopped making videos and to his posts " Published on Oct 19, 2012

This is my last video, I won't be uploading to this channel anymore. You can check out my new channel over at Club Penguin Songs: (Show some support? :D) Club Penguin's Channel: Would like to give a special thanks to all of the cool Club Penguin friends I met over the years: Cremycarmela Portionator Wickstergurl Cupercakers Distrocktiv7 Game_houyse Pezzwill Davidpat21 Nachoz Rule Gagenator Arcticfurry Darkmoney Wweadam Archiyoso Matthew772 Eric703 Mrtrop Missfrog3 Foxtail  Fishryan Grilfun Qusonthewolf DarkMoney Alexkurty bluepuffle8 Pebble5656 1172jr Resora moon999penguin nuggetdeboner blakestallman FlyCurly spacesuit765 7styl3 Recycler37 12mammoth whizzgirl98 mrstarwarspup shadownew Bubbyjz a.k.a lilzay DarthPup And many more.. "

and this is a actual video proving he had left!

Club Penguin - This is it

Club Penguin - This is it

Real Video proving!