Tazboi (Nick) is a large collection of sophisticated carbon molecules known under the odd name Tazboi. He has appeared in every video since he took over CPB, including the fan favorite "Who Killed Gary?" He's also known as Taz, and has a big desire for pie. He's also appeared in many interviews on Youtube, and has been known to crash parties. If you were to mix something awesome ( like Michael Phelps), with something extremely funny (let's take for example, Jimmy Fallon), with the most delicious thing ever (Pie), you would get Tazboi. Unfortunately, he has stopped making videos on CpBroadcast as of October 2012. He stands as the second most subscribed (Most subscribed is Club Penguin's channel) as of January 2013 with over 26,000 subscribers, which doubles his total amount of subscribers from 2 years ago.

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